<h2>Your journey starts here</h2>
<h2>Your journey starts here</h2>

Your journey starts here

Become a part of Techhand, where problem-solving, embracing challenges, and continuous growth are at the core of our culture. We seek passionate innovators eager to contribute and grow in a dynamic environment that values your ideas and accelerates your professional journey.

<h2>Your journey starts here</h2>
<h2>Your journey starts here</h2>
Meet Founders

Ankur Bansal: A tech-savvy innovator from the IIT Bombay 2018 batch, Ankur wields a dual degree in B.Tech and M.Tech. His fun-loving approach infuses a unique vibrancy into our technological advancements and solutions.

Shivani Bansal: An IIT Bombay 2018 alumna with a B.Tech degree, Shivani is a technological enthusiast who not only co-leads our tech initiatives with Ankur but also masterfully directs our marketing strategies, blending technical prowess with market insights

Abhay Bansal: Rooted in Chartered Accountancy, Abhay shines in sales and operations. His diverse skills set him apart as an all-rounder, adept at steering the company through strategic ventures and operational excellence.

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